Bent Camera - Glitch Color Effects Video & Still Camera for Instagram and Prisma Photo & Video App on Sale (FREE)

Version: 1.1
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Developer: Ian Broyles (© 2016 Ian Broyles)

Next level filters for stills, videos, and video loops.

Bent Camera offers color glitch effects along with a lot of other filters and effects that can be found in no other app.

Talk to us on Instagram by following @BentCamera. Tag your captures with #bentcamera to be featured.

More filters to be added soon. Thank you for being an early adopter and enjoy! Works with Prisma app and Snapchat.



Release notes: Thanks for using Bent Camera! You have made some amazing things. Check out #bentcamera on Instagram.

New in 1.1:

- Color Overlay Filter, choose your colors, custom exposure controls
- Crystal Vision Filter, like looking through one of those little crystals in your grandma's window
- You can now play music while recording a video

Something fun to try: take a photo using the color delay filters in Bent and run it through the Prisma app for a very cool effect.

Let us know if you are having any issues via @bentcamera on Instagram or through the email address in the app. Thanks!

Recommended age: 12+
Download size: 33.6MB
Itunes release date: 07/05/2016

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