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Version: 5.0
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Developer: David Earnest (© David Earnest)

Broadcast video from the free macOS Broadcast Theater app to multiple Apple TV and iOS devices on the same network running the Broadcast Theater app, all at the same time.

Videos are played with full picture and sound quality supported by the video format and receiving device. Playback is automatically synced across all devices. Losing network or Internet connection while playing will not interrupt playback or reduce sound or picture quality. Short intermissions are added automatically during playback.

Broadcast Theater is for personal use only and does not currently support DRM-protected content. Maximum supported video duration and file size is 4 hours and 12 GB.



Release notes: Now plays back on iOS 9+ so you can use the older iPads or iPhones you have lying around as additional monitors, although be aware that it can only play video formats that are supported by the receiving device.
Enables synchronized playback of shorter videos.

Recommended age: 4+
Download size: 82.2MB
Itunes release date: 02/07/2017

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