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Developer: Salman Shariff (© 2015 Salman Shariff)

Use your device to detect lies! THIS APP IS NOT A GAME. It is a tool to help you detect if your suspect is lying.

This app detects facial micro expressions and the changes in the blink rate using an artificial neural network (ANN). This is a REAL working lie detection app!

It detects for the seven micro expressions (happiness, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, contempt, disgust) and notifies the user. The user must still determine if the micro expression matches the verbal or not. If it doesn't, then your subject is being untruthful.

It also detects if there are any changes in the number of blinks, indicating increased stress levels.

A slider moves towards LIE when a number of these are detected and moves towards NOT when not detected. This is a general indicator and should not be used as the final decision.

With great technology, comes great responsibility. Use this app wisely.

NOTE: The accuracy of this lie detection app is 70%.

This app does not store any of your data nor does it send any of your data to external sites. The use of the camera is for detecting the micro expressions and changes in the blink rate.



Release notes: Updated use of app, name, and instructions/descriptions.

Recommended age: 4+
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Itunes release date: 07/15/2015

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