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Developer: Joe Sansalone (© 2016 Joe Sansalone)

"This is the app I wish I had when I started meditating", MindGlow developer.

For anyone that wishes to enter relaxed states, creative states and highly functioning learning at the touch of a button - MindGlow is for you.

Some of the benefits of MindGlow are stress relief, relaxation, clarity, new ideas, new insights and emotional resilience. It even increases your HeartRateVariability for better physical health. Overall you'll become more of your potential.

MindGlow includes audio sequences for all the beneficial brain states - Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma. It also includes 9 levels of intensity - deepening your meditation for years to come.

To be used with Headphones or Earphones ONLY.

Feature: "Visual Feedback" in real-time of entrainment frequency allowing you to associate how you feel with the specific brain frequency you are currently at.

Feature: "Tap to Hold", allows you to tap the entrainment frequency number in real-time to hold the sequence at that frequency. A visual timer is started to show you duration of Hold.



Release notes: new Sleep sequence
new Level 10, for advanced users with low frequency producing headphones
new AutoVolume boost left/right for a more equal sounding experience

Recommended age: 4+
Download size: 42.7MB
Itunes release date: 02/17/2016

Support URL: http://www.project1.ca/mindglow