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Version: 1.5.5
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Developer: Robert Gindli (© 2015 Robert Gindli)

SlideShow / Collage / Photo-Animation / Blox Animation

"BEST customizable photo animation tool in the APP store".
"SIMPLE, animation systems, that just got simpler!".

Turn your pictures into artistic animations.
Custom edit your pictures into Dynamic Collages.
Make a slideshow using YOUR fingers and YOUR albums.
Make your own WALLPAPERs by saving screen images.
EASY/FUN to Use.

Downloaded in over 70 COUNTRIES!

No in  App purchases Required - All included.
No ads!

Includes default Christmas Tree and Lights at startup.
Can also use Pictures from YOUR photo album.

Edit Features:
- MOVE pictures
- ALIGN pictures
- SIZE (SCALE) pictures
- BOUNCE direction of pictures
- ROTATION of pictures
- BLOX: Colour block creation/animation
- FREEZE: Stop motion of pictures, making "artistic snapshots".
- PLAY: run animation

THANK YOU for continued support.

Usage/Quick Help:
SINGLE finger TAP: STOP Pixture movement.

DOUBLE finger DOUBLE TAP: LOAD photos from your own album.

[white] SINGLE finger TOUCH (non-moving) Photo to select it.

The Floating toolbar now contains the "Play" and "Snapshot" features.

Touch "+" sign on the Floating Tool bar, to reveal the Color buttons to access all the other features/commands:

[ green ] - use two finger pinch to scale selected Pixtures.
[ blue ] - Drag to move a group of selected pixtures.
[ yellow ] - Tap selected photo to rotate it 90 degrees.
[ red ] - Tap any selected photos to delete them.
[ orange ] - Align to tapped photo (keep tapping for various aligns).
[ brown ] - Create up to 8 Moving Blocks (Bloxs) per pixture
[ light blue ] - Change the movement direction/pattern. for more details......



Release notes: New User Interface - Easier to use, via a new Floating Toolbar.
(some bug fixes)
Theme for this release is Christmas Tree - default images are a Christmas Tree and Lights to go with it.
Merry Christmas!

Recommended age: 4+
Download size: 11.8MB
Itunes release date: 01/02/2014

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