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Version: 3.0.3
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Developer: Hugo Pinon (© 2016 Mr. Proton Studio.)

A fantastic app for a musician on all your Apple devices.
Apple Watch, Apple TV, Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Best App in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Switzerland.

Modern · Beautiful · Elegant · Minimalist

PrestoBand is a library of chords and scales for guitar and piano.
This app is intuitive and user friendly to explore musical notes.

Begins with learning musical notes.
· 35 Guitar Chords.
· 49 Guitar Scales.
- Major.
- Pentatonic Major.
- Pentatonic Minor.
- Pentatonic Blues.
- Dorian.
- Lydian.
- Mixolydian.
· 56 Piano Chords.
· Fretboard Notes.

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Release notes: + Stickers Pack Extension (Guitar Chords).

Recommended age: 4+
Download size: 59.8MB
Itunes release date: 12/14/2015

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