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Version: 1.1
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Developer: Sergei Kazakov (© Copyright (c) 2017 Sergei Kazakov)

RigFloorCalc includes 11 most common calculations run during drilling operations in the field. Accurate and quick calculations while the operations are in progress save costly rig time, improve safety and prevent expensive errors.

This calculator is designed to support drilling engineers, mud engineers, company representatives and drilling contractor supervisors working on rig location. It's intuitive and easy to operate.

The US imperial units were primarily used for designing the calculators with an option to switch to meters where mixed oilfield units preferred.

The user may utilise " . " for decimal numbers if iOS device region localised in the countries like US and apply " , " with input numbers in other countries where commas are more traditional.



Release notes: 1. This version enables to successfully perform calculations outside USA where country math practice is to apply commas with decimal numbers rather than dots.
2. It can be also installed and run on iPad now.
3. New feature like Feet to Metric conversion switch was added to several calculators where appropriate to use meters in calculations when needed.
4. Calculators appearance was visually improved.

Recommended age: 4+
Download size: 14MB
Itunes release date: 04/06/2017

Support URL: http://www.rigpet.com